Product: Mashuppatra 1.0

Mashuppatra 1.0 is a web 2.0 based messaging and collaboration software product. The product consists of front end, database, mashlet and server. It is based on client server architecture model. It enables enterprise customers to access standalone applications into Mashuppatra. Mashuppatra 1.0 product suite has following features

  • Email
  • Enterprise mashup (ERP, CRM, data warehousing etc..)
  • Consumer mashup ( integrating with map services[google, yahoo, msn], plaxo, youtube etc..)
  • Mashlets ( amazon mashlets, search mashlets, wikipedia mashlets etc.. )
  • IM security, virus & spam protection
  • Secure browsing
  • RSS folder
  • Shared Calendar
  • Web document authoring
  • Message storing and retrieval
  • VOIP Integration ex: skype calls
  • "Over the air" sync to mobile devices

Mashuppatra Client
Mashuppatra is the ideal productivity tool for today's enterprise, service provider, academic, and government environments. The powerful web client integrates email, contacts, shared calendar, VoIP, and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface. Also, Mashlet technology makes it easy to include custom mashups in the web client.
Mashuppatra also includes an elegant Ajax based Admin Interface plus full scripting tools to manage the server. Full support is provided for standards-based APIs (IMAP / POP / iCal / CalDAV) as well as MAPI and iSync, which enable seamless compatibility with other clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple desktop suite, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mashuppatra Server
The Mashuppatra Server is comprised of many components working together as a complete end-to-end solution. The core server is written using Sun Java Technology and Apache Tomcat is used for the web application server. The server integrates with several other installed systems such as the MTA, databases, and security package. Server has been implemented by using more than 30 opensource components.
The Postfix message transfer agent (MTA) routes mail messages to the appropriate Mashuppatra Server. Also included in the solution are several data stores for end-user information: OpenLDAP provides user authentication, MySQL handles all preference and message-meta data.

Mashuppatra Search
Mashuppatra leverages search engine Lucene to manage the index that enables fast searching and uses verity for extracting text from attachments for indexing within Lucene. Mashuppatra search is conducted on the server side. The advantages of server side search are access to archived contents, reliance on faster disk for increased rather than decreased performance and the elimination of a substantial amount of redundant computation associated with indexing attachments sent to multiple recipients.

Mashlets is a way of integrating Mashuppatra with third party software( data warehousing, CRM, ERP[SAP,ORACLE etc..], .net applications, java applications) and content. Mashlet approach is used to mashup user interfaces within Mashuppatra itself, such as by mashing up contacts within email and calendar. Mashlet is a way of mixing web 2.0 technologies with enterprise messaging (e.g. email, voice, IM). No more cut and paste operations from email to browser. Moving mouse over actionable data/content gives user a real-time preview that can be factored in decision making.

Mashuppatra Archiving & Discovery
Mashuppatra provides Archiving and Discovery to support SOX and HIPPA compliance. Messages for end-users who are selected to be archived are automatically copied to a pre-selected SMTP address using the Mashuppatra Postfix MTA. The process is transparent to the end-user. During the process the archived message is also expanded to include the relevant envelope headers and other recipient address information and placed in the archive with the message.

Mashuppatra Mobile
Mashuppatra also offers Mashuppatra Mobile, which provides over-the-air "push" synchronization to mobile devices without the need for third party software or additional servers for most devices.

Mashuppatra Security
The Mashuppatra solution also has a complete high security package including built-in IM security, anti-spam and anti-virus scanning. It also provides secure browsing.