Yuri G.
Yuri G. Rabinovich
Startup Accelerator
Yuri is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at StartupMonthly. He is an entrepreneur and software architect passionate about innovation and new technologies. He mentors early stage startups on how to take their ventures from concept to startup, how to build the right product, how to build a team. His mantras are "Just Do It", "Get shit done" and "Let's Startup". In the past 4 years Yuri worked on 6 startup - 4 technology startups (such as PegFlag, Eventus, Kajaya, Accelerator.IO), StartupMonthly Startup Accelerator and MonthlyVentures Micro Seed fund.
Since March 2011, Yuri mentored more than 50 startups and helped them to build Minimal Viable Products, define their business model and road map.

Yuri has 9 years of research and development experience through work as software architect at Ensuant, ParticleCode, Gogobot, OxygenCloud startups, research team leader at IBM Haifa Labs. Yuri served as a captain and Information Systems Engineer in the Israeli Defense Forces and led knowledge management technique deployment.
Yuri is an "Idea Generator" and "Idea Accelerator".

Micro seed investment in Russia and Baltics