Andrew Schroepfer
Andrew Schroepfer
VP, Enterprise Strategy
Rackspace Hosting

Andrew Schroepfer has been covering the hosting, SaaS, and cloud marketplace since its inception in the mid-1990s. At Goldman Sachs, Andy was VP and Sr Equity Analyst covering the Internet Infrastructure sector. Subsequently, Mr. Schroepfer founded and led Tier1 Research, which he later sold to The451 Group. He then managed a technology sector hedge fund Exponential Capital prior to joining Rackspace in 2009.

Title : Why OpenStack Is Key To Cloud Freedom

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing stack founded by Rackspace and NASA for the explicit goal of eliminating vendor lock-in for the future of business computing. The power of open is obvious and the power of this movement to open is well underway. Come to this session to learn about the breadth of the OpenStack community and to gain an understanding of the many key projects underway for compute, storage, networking, and many more for the Open Cloud future. Candidates interested in working with Rackspace, the Open Cloud leader, should visit

Blake Haggerty is your contact to send details about booth opportunities. I cc'd him here. You can have that discussion offline without me. Thanks, Andy