Trevor Cornwell
Founder & CEO
appbackr inc.

By, Trevor Cornwell, Founder & CEO, appbackr inc., the first wholesale marketplace for apps, helps developers fund and distribute apps. appbackr is releasing to help developers optimize distribution across the app store landscape. You can follow him on twitter @trevorcornwell

Topic: Distribution Optimization for Apps
Abstract: Developers face tough choices about how best to expend scarce resources on distribution. What is the best way to create a success story? Localization? Targeting boutique stores? Starting with an analytic look at apps and app stores, this session goes behind the scenes and looks at the math of distribution in the Android market--and app stores generally. The process starts with a hard look at analytics - which app stores are worth your time and which channels should be ignored. What effects does pricing have on app sales? How about business models? How can you leverage the success of one app into another? This session helps you map what works in Android to make your app a success.