Prabhat Andleigh
Principal Technology Architect
Infosys Limited

Seasoned Architect and Technical Leader currently playing a leadership role in Enterprise Architecture. Prior roles include a Snr. Director at Phoenix Technologies, Vice President of Engineering at CA Technologies (Computer Associates), $4.5 billion Enterprise IT Mgmt. ISV where he managed 250+ team including product/project mgrs, architects, engineers and technical support, and BU Head for Search and Shopping for Yahoo! Inc. As architecture and product development strategist and offshore expert, he used extensive experience of over two decades in influencing enterprise decisions in creating product visions and leading working teams of product managers, project managers and developers.

Mr. Andleigh has 25+ years of experience in the United States where he has created product visions, architected/designed systems in many domains, and is very familiar with current technologies, BigData, Business Social Media, J2EE, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, etc.

Accomplished leader working with IT Executives and Decision makers to define real needs. Been creating and converting needs into product visions and products adhering to that visions. He has ands-on experience in business requirements analysis, data model design, business intelligence and source system analysis for business process re-engineering, EDI and data acquisition process design.

Mr.Andleigh has outstanding leadership skills in strategic analysis and creating advanced product business solutions. He has used RAD prototyping and rapid programming (Xtreme and Agile).

Mr. Andleigh is a recognized technologist, has authored several books published by Prentice Hall including "UNIX System Architecture" - 1989 -(internal algorithms of UNIX), "Distributed Object Oriented Data-Systems Design" -1992 (proposes a software design lifecycle), and "Multimedia Systems Design" - 1995..

Mr. Andleigh has Published several papers at prestigious conferences and been granted one patent, several applied for.

Mr. Andleigh has an M.B.A., Finance & Marketing from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, M.S., Computer Systems with Thesis, from the Univ. of Lowell (U. Mass), Lowell, MA, USA and B.Tech., Electronics & Communications Engineering from I.I.T. Madras.

Topic: Future Technology Directions in the IT Industry Mr. Andleigh's presentation is focused on the Future Technology Directions in the IT Industry. He will discuss exciting new development potential in areas such as the continuing achievements under Moore's Law, Innovations in Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Internet as an Entertainment and Business medium, Developments in User Experience, Business Social Media and Relationship Graphing, and BigData Analytics. We are at the cusp of an exciting new journey of innovation that will change the world in the next few years.