Scott Collison
VP, Business Development

Scott is the Vice President of Business Development at He is responsible for alliances and acquisitions for the Platform Division of His last role was as President and Chief Executive Officer of Media at Geeknet where he led Geeknet Media to its first profitable year in the history of the company. Previously, he was the CEO and co-founder of Ohloh Corporation, an open source information company that was purchased by SourceForge in June 2009. He was also responsible for marketing Web services and running the Web Services early adopter program at Microsoft. Prior to working at Microsoft, he ran marketing at Signio, a credit card processing ASP. Signio was acquired by VeriSign in 1999 in a transaction in excess of $1 billion.

Title: Doing Deals in the Cloud Ecosystem

Abstract: Cloud computing has introduced a new dynamic for partnerships, venture financing and acquisitions. Companies on both sides of any partnership or transaction now expect "light and fast" deals. What is the optimal path to productive partnerships? Are traditional venture capital deals still relevant? What are the areas that cloud companies are investing in? Hear somebody in the heart of the cloud ecosystem speak on partner, venture and acquisition dynamics for cloud companies.