Shashidhar Gandham, PH.D.
Shashidhar Gandham, PH.D.
Software Engineer

Bio :
Shashidhar Gandham received his Bachelor of Technology from NIT Warangal and Ph.D. from University of Texas at Dallas. For over a decade he is involved in research and development activities spanning wireless and wired data networks. His researched is published in various reputed journals and conferences and received more than 800 citations. He holds about 10 patents and about 20 other inventions in various stages of application for patents. In the past he has worked at Xerox PARC, xG Technology and Cisco. Currently he is with Google where his primary focus is in software defined networking and Open Flow.

Topic : Open Flow

Abstract :
In this talk we will explore what Software Defined Networking (SDN) is, various ways to realize SDN, Openflows vision of SDN. We will go over details of the open flow protocol and provide several pointers for exploring this area further.