Toby Rush
Toby Rush

Prior to founding EyeVerify, Toby Rush co-founded and was CEO of Rush Tracking Systems, an RFID solutions venture. He grew it from 2 to 75 people. He raised two rounds of funding and then was acquired by Pharos Capital, a Private Equity firm. While with Pharos Capitol, he acquired 2 companies to consolidate the "Smart Forklift" sensor and software space. Prior to Rush Tracking, he led the product development & QA for SAT Corp, a venture funded mobile software company. Toby started his career with Accenture as a developer and analyst.

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Eye Vein Biometrics - securing your identity with the native device you never leave home without

Passwords have failed us. Traditional biometrics won't work without special hardware. Facial recognition isn't accurate enough. Commercial and consumer users need to be able to live life on and through their mobile devices in a manner that is secure and convenient. Explore how eye vein biometrics can use the camera already on the common smartphone to image and then pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of your eye.