David Koehn
David Koehn

Sand Hill Angels

David has over 15 years experience focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. David has founded several start-ups including one focused on ecotourism and another focused on enterprise mobility. David has also assisted many start-ups in their growth. David has helped start-ups in may ways from assuming the CEO role and closing a series C, to transforming their business models and market approaches, to acting as a senior advisor. 

David has worked for AvantGo, Tailwind (Founder), DKI (Principal), & Saba. In all of his roles across all of the companies he has worked for David has focused on building net new products, solutions and services. David pioneered mLearning at AvantGo. At Tailwind David delivered a product for consuming enterprise online learning and applications while offline. At DKI david helped dozens of clients conceptualize, productize, and take to market a wide range of media, social, unified communications, and games using the cloud, Facebook and mobile as the platform.

David received his Bachelors Degree from Carnegie Mellon, an MFA from the University of Florida, an M.Ed (TFA Cert) from the University of Alaska and is pursuing his MBA through Johns Hopkins.

David looks to invest in start-ups focused on disrupting inefficient markets. He targets, in particular, start ups focused on mid-market social enterprise, location-based solutions for small business, and real-time analytics/intelligence businesses.