Arun Narsani
Arun Narsani
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Patent rights in the “cloud”ed era
Law usually lags technology. That holds true even with respect to Intellectual Property (IP) law. The evolution of cloud computing has added many new challenges to the IP law, and more specifically to patent law. IP law is territorial, and is aimed at providing rights in relation to inventive technologies. What does IP law do when the technology it is trying to protect has no territorial boundaries? In fact, cloud computing takes it a little further. We don’t even know where the technology we are talking about resides!

This session will touch upon the basics of IP, and explore interesting challenges posed by the evolution of cloud computing on practice and procedure relating to Intellectual Property law. Further, this session will try lay down the mechanisms to avoid risks that are associated with cloud computing technology given the current status of Intellectual Property law.

Why learn about Intellectual Property issues?
In today’s knowledge economy, IP assets, more specifically patents, are more important than any other asset of a company. Given the importance of IP to organizations, contribution to patents has become a key performance parameter for individuals on the technology ladder in many companies. And, it goes without saying that inventors are always given more preference in a hiring process or during appraisals. Also, IP is a critical factor for any startup to raise funding. VCs almost always do not invest in companies that do not have IP, because without IP it will be difficult for any company to differentiate and protect itself in the market. So whether you are looking grow within an organization or looking to start on your own, it is important to understand IP, the process of identifying IP that can be protected, and the process of protecting IP effectively and efficiently.

Founder/CEO at Brain LeagueIP Services, an intellectual property services/consulting company with International presence, spread across four offices in US, and India. Arun has vast experience in various aspects of Intellectual Property including IP development, IP strategy, IP portfolio management, and IP valuation. Arun has successfully delivered IP solutions to companies across technology domains including tele-communications, Cloud computing, mobile applications, social media, enterprise applications, multi-media applications, solar energy systems, wind power systems, automotive engineering among others. Brain League works with wide range of companies including Fortune 500 companies and some of the top 10 patent filers at USPTO. Arun and Brain League have been featured in the Economic Times, Times of India, Business World, and many other prominent publications.

Arun takes special interest in mentoring startups and entrepreneurs in developing appropriate IP strategies. Arun is an author and speaker at various forums on innovation and intellectual property. He has delivered lectures on innovation and intellectual property at various multi-national companies, and various seminars.

Arun is an experienced patent agent and has been involved in preparation, and prosecution of hundreds of patent applications in India and US. Prior to Brain League, Arun worked with various technology companies in architecting, designing and developing enterprise software applications. Arun is a B.Tech from IIT Madras and PG from IIMB.